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Did You Know Body Butters are One of The Best Ways to Nourish Your Skin?

Fancy Trying Our New Beefriendly, Luxury, Organic Body Butter Melts?

Just pure, natural, homemade, artisan individual use body butters combining the best organic shea and cocoa butters, jojoba oil and organic essential oils in five amazing combinations to uplift, relax, ease muscle tension, relieve muscle and joint aches, all whilst nourishing, hydrating, and moisturising your skin ♥️♥️

Why Not Try:

Oranges & Lemons Lime & Juniper Berry Vanilla & Black Pepper Rose Geranium & Lavender Peppermint Un-fragranced.

Available as packs of 12 melts for £5.99.

These butters melt on contact with skin. One melt per use. No mess, no fuss... No water, so no preservatives!! No synthetic dyes or fragrances. Just 100% Natural Goodness Packed with antioxidant vitamins A, E, F and essential fatty acids.

Super food for your skin!!

Click here for more information...then Try one. They're delicious!

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