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COP26...what does this mean?

Barcaldine Botanicals is paying lots of attention to COP26 and its discussions.

We at Barcaldine Botanicals are continuously working to reduce our carbon footprint. How?

  • We use 100% renewable energy achievable with the Green energy supplier OCTOPUS

  • We use certified organic ingredients supporting organic farming and Biodiversity

  • We use eco packaging which is free of plastics

  • We are against deforestation and DON'T USE palm oil,

  • We only use sustainable products which we buy from UK companies, and

  • We are striving to reduce or carbon footprint more and more as we move into 2022 and beyond.

Becoming Greener is an ever-evolving spectrum... JOIN THE JOURNEY - IT FEELS GOOD!

Read more about our mission at

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