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The Milky Way from Barcaldine Botanicals!

Beautiful starry nights recently and we've been lucky enough to have spent a couple of hours lying on the decking watching the Quadrantids meteor shower with the Milky Way above.

Nothing like some star-gazing followed by a mega bath bomb to lift your spirits!!!

Out of interest, what's your favourite Barcaldine Botanicals Bath Bomb? Ours is Maychang, Myrtle and Geranium ❀❀ for a proper boost of calming and feel-good endorphins... Now for lots of đŸ’€đŸ’€đŸ’€đŸ’€đŸ’€đŸ’€đŸ’€ sleep tight all!

If you would like to continue reading, you can see our range of Bath Bombs by clicking here!

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