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Did you know...

...these Amazing Facts about 'Solid' soap bars Versus 'Liquid' when it comes to Body Cleansing?

Water - the source of life - an ever-increasing valued and scarce commodity in many parts of our world makes up approximately 70% of bottled washes, creams and lotions? Not much room left for all the active ingredients like plant oils, clays, hyaluronic acid, fruit extracts...?? Water promotes life, including bacteria, and any product with water must be preserved.

Detergents In Disguise?

Many synthetic preservatives include parabens, sulphates, alcohols, benzene, toluene and foaming or bubble producing chemicals come from petrochemicals (carcinogens)!!!! The majority come in plastic bottles and with plastic comes phthalates (hormone disruptors that cause havoc with our bodies metabolic control systems).

Solid Natural Organic Bars on the other hand contain greater than 70% plant oils and butters...which equates to loads more skin nutrition for your money. NO water means that there's no need for synthetic preservatives (worth a happy dance!). Worried about skin moisturisation? Don't be! Glycerin is a by-product made during the soap-curing stage and is a natural moisturiser for the skin. Solid bars also last 3 times as long and there's no empty plastic bottles. Surely refusing plastic beats recycling? And you're paying for the product, not the fancy packaging!

Isn't it time for Natural soap bars to make a comeback?

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