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Sunshine on a Rainy Day (White diffuser bottle)
  • Sunshine on a Rainy Day (White diffuser bottle)


    Let the deep zesty tones of this blend of organic essential oils brighten up your day. A natural stress reliever and mood enhancer, this energising blend leaves an air of peace and tranquillity wherever it goes! Supplied in a luxury, high-gloss white diffuser bottle and natural wood-coloured fibre looks AMAZING!

    A 100% Natural product composed of pure sweet almond carrier oil and our unique blend of organic essential oils, let this organic reed diffuser bring a little health and wellbeing, and sunshine to your room!


    The combination of middle and top citrus notes of lemon, sweet orange and May Chang combined with middle woody tones of juniper and geranium - and spicy tones of patchouli – are uniquely blended for an amazing, uplifting aroma with wellbeing properties attributed to reducing anxiety, easing depression, boosting energy levels, eliminating headaches, calming the nervous system, aiding sleep and strengthening the immune system. This is a truly AMAZING blend!

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