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Organic Sisal Soap Pouch

Organic Sisal Soap Pouch


An organic soap pouch made of pure natural cotton and specifically chosen for it's soft texture...just perfect for bathing! In turn, using this pouch helps to promote blood circulation, aid exfoliation along with it's massaging effect, keeping your skin shiny and smooth and healthy along the way. 

Natural material: Made of organic sisal, soft and comfortable, can be washed and used repeatedly. It's small mesh makes a more delicate foam, ideal for cleaning your skin.

Drawstring design: Sisal soap bag with drawstring, easy to hang and dry after using keeping your soap clean for the next application.

Easy to use: Just put the soap in the soap bag and tighten the band, organic soap bag will make the soap foam quickly after rubbing, then clean and massage your skin. Suitable for bathing, hand washing, showering and shaving.

An act of self-love leaving you calm,  relaxed and refreshed with beautifully soft skin.

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