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Luxury Organic French Green Clay Hair and Body Bar

Luxury Organic French Green Clay Hair and Body Bar


Let this combination of organic oils including olive, babassu, avocado, and castor oil, combined with shea butter, french green clay and pure organic essential oils of lemongrass and May Chang, clean, nourish, protect, soften, moisturise & revitalise your hair & skin, leaving you silky smooth, nourished and smelling amazing!


This Soap Bar works Wonders For OILY/ COMBINATION Skin & Hair…but GREAT for NORMAL hair types too!!

Packed with Vitamins, Oleic & Stearic Acids, the Antibacterial, Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Dandruff, Anti-ageing and Detoxifying properties of this soap help to soothe, protect, repair, nourish, moisturise & soften skin.


Traditional french green clay is super-adsorbent and removes impurities, tightens pores, tones skin, exfoliates dead skin cells and reduces inflammation. For hair, it effectively eliminates dirt, ‘product’ build-up, dandruff and toxins, whilst balancing oil production and removal of excessive oils without stripping the hair.


In this bar, French green clay is combined with esters of organic oils including olive, babassu, castor, avocado and shea butter along with the pure essential oils Lemongrass and May Chang. This provides a host of benefits to skin and hair including protection from oxidative stress, reducing inflammation, promoting cell regeneration and wound healing. Natural antibacterial, antiseptic, oil balancing and anti-dandruff properties also promote omega vitamin-rich nourishment and moisturisation. Babassu oil is a lighter alternative to coconut oil and leaves less of a ‘residue’ feeling that coconut oil can create. This makes it GREAT for naturally oily skin and greasy hair. The addition of shea butter provides moisture and heat protection from hair drying.

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